Nature is healing.  Just think, what is the most commonly given gift when visiting a sick friend?  Flowers.  And what would a wedding be without flowers?  Even at funerals, flowers often play a significant role.  Why? because they make us feel better, just looking at their beauty lifts our spirits. 

Gardening. There is no better tomato than the one you grew in your own garden. Fresh food is not only better tasting but it is better for you.  Garden's don't have to be edible to offer benefits.  Just think how nice it is to walk down the street and see pleasant gardens in front of people's homes, planters in front of restaurants and businesses, and even hanging from city lights posts to brighten up city centers.  We not only benefit from seeing flowers, but also by planting them.  Digging in the dirt is not only great exercise, it's therapeutic.  Planting new plants, picking off old flowers, cutting new ones for our vases.  Harvesting food for dinner.    Smelling roses and herbs after a summer rain. These are a few of the benefits of nature. 

Nature also needs healing. Many of the ways we make plants and flowers beautiful are toxic to nature, to our water ways.  Some non-native plants can be invasive and consume whole areas choking out other species.  We can heal nature by planting natives and herilooms, keeping our wild world diverse and strong. We can also chose planting practices that do not harm our earth.

This is what we are about. We want to share with you the beauty and the healing properties of plants and flowers.  You can soothe your body with delicious herbal tea. Eat healthy freshly grown, freshly picked, nutruious foods. Work your body and your soul by gardening.  Planting native plants that help restore vibrant eco-systems inviting butterflies, birds and beneficial insects.

Nature's Healing Farm is located in Clinton Corners New York, in the beautiful Hudson Valley, just 80 miles from New York City.  Currently, we direct market our products Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Union Square GreenMarket in New York City.  Our products include, potted plants of annuals, perennials, herbs, medicinals, natives, and some evergreen.  We also occasionally sell cut flowers, and cut herbs. 

Natures Healing Farm, Inc.   -   1288 Hollow Road   -   Clinton Corners, NY   -   12514   -   845-266-4567